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“If your concern is to get young people into the churches or on the mission fields, the greatest enemy other than Satan himself is educational debt, because there are far too many young people graduating who are slaves to that debt when they need to be unfettered slaves to Christ.”


Albert Mohler





About Us & Ministry Houses

Hosts, Helen and Doug Oliver served as support missionaries in the Colombian jungle with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Doug was a math and science teacher at a school for Wycliffe missionary children.   Helen worked in publishing.

We have shared our home with students for years.  Our main house is in a stable tree-lined neighborhood - Old Orchard - just 3 blocks from the University of Toledo campus. We have two other ministry houses within blocks of UT for students.  We want to open our homes to help students seeking both a secular college degree and ministerial certification in the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Our goal is for you to reach your goals - DEBT FREE!

Doug is a professor emeritus of mechanical engineering at UT.  He has also taught at Taylor University and Grove City  College and serves as an Elder at Toledo First Alliance Church (FAC) in Toledo.

Helen is a retired dental hygienist.


SoM Courses

MSP 101: Church Ministry I

SoM 101: The Story

SoM 102: The Walk

SoM 103 The Book - Part 1

SoM 104: Disciplemaking

SoM 105 The Mission of God & Alliance Family

SoM 201: Ministry Leadership I

SoM 202:The Book - Part 2

SoM 203: Communicating Biblical Truth (1)

SoM 204: Understanding the Old Testament

SoM 205: Understanding the New Testament

SoM 301: Ministry Leadership II

SoM 302: Communicating Biblical Truth (2)

SoM 303: Evangelism and Leadership Development

SoM 304: Alliance Polity and History

SoM 305: Change, Power and Conflict in the Churchrch

Earn a low-cost degree from a reputable state university - the University of Toledo (UT).   UT offers low-cost degrees in most traditional disciplines.  It is well known for its pharmacy program and co-op engineering program - where you earn as you learn.  For qualifying students, we offer a matching Scholarship for study at UT that can cover up to 100% of UT's tuition!  Scholarships are available for Ohio and non-Ohio residents.


100% Tuition scholarship for the Christian and Missionary Alliance's (C&MA) School of Ministry (SoM) where you earn the academic portion of ministerial credentials for the C&MA.

Free Housing Near UT

Potential for a Paid Ministerial  Internship

Heading 3

So what is the deal?

You Get:

  • Free housing a few blocks from UT.

  • 100% tuition scholarship for the MSP.

  • Matching scholarships for UT covering up to 100% of tuition.

  • Mentoring for ministry with Dr. Kirk Schneemann (Pastor of FAC).

  • Mentoring in academics with Dr. Doug Oliver (Professor Emeritus UT).

  • Intentional Christian community.


  • Sufficient progress each semester toward a bachelor's degree and towards completing the SoM.

  • A personal commitment to avoid further student loans.

  • Church attendance with a participating C&MA church.

  • 5 hours per week of approved Christian ministry (e.g. CRU, Young Life, congregational work, church planting, etc.)

  • Eat evening meals together regularly.

  • Be a good house partner.

  • Behavior that fits one called by God into His ministry.

Contact: (input subject of "Debt-Free SoM/UT")

You don't need to be an OHIO resident. 

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